Our next Republican Club meeting will be held on Saturday, September 9, 10:00 a.m., Morris Nelson Room, Independence Center

The Republican Club’s next meeting will be Saturday, September 9, 10:00 a.m., in the Morris Nelson Room, Independence Center. Our speakers will be Dave McKeon, Victoria Seaman, and Senator Scott Hammond, all Republican candidates for CD (Congressional District) 3. Ed Williams, campaign manager for Dave McKeon, will also speak about campaigns and how they work. Each of the candidates has supplied us with a personal message or a biography. Their message and their photos appear below.

By: David O. McKeon, Republican Candidate for Nevada Congressional District 3 (pictured to the left with his wife, Krystle)

Our country is best when we: - Honor our Veterans and ensure they receive their earned benefits 
 - Enforce our laws 
 - Wisely spend our hard-earned tax dollars within a balanced budget 
 - Deliver skill based education for good paying jobs 
 - Have healthy families and patient-centered healthcare
There’s the rub. It takes a bold leader to go beyond words and take action. 
When I won the election as Clark County Republican Chairman in 2013, I pledged we would work together to turn Nevada red in a “tidal wave”. I boldly stood up to then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. With your support, we won historic victories in Nevada for Republicans in 2014 and I will boldly do it with you again in 2018. 
I am David O. McKeon and I am again seeking your support to represent you in Congress. My wife Krystle and I look forward to sharing our Plan to Win with you at the September 9th meeting of the Republican Club of Sun City Anthem or at McKeonForNevada.com. 

Victoria Seaman, (pictured to the right) supplied the biography below:

In 2014, Victoria Seaman was the first Republican Latina elected to the Nevada Legislature in state history. Victoria was elected by her colleagues to serve in the leadership role as Assistant Majority Whip of the South. She was appointed to serve on the Committee on Commerce and Labor (Vice Chair), the Committee on Judiciary, and the Committee on Legislative Operations. Victoria brings her 25-years plus in business, into her campaign to represent the taxpayers and voters of CD 3. She was one of only thirteen of sixty-three legislators in the 2015 Legislature to vote against the largest tax (commerce) increase in Nevada history. She proudly stood by her campaign promises to reform education while opposing new and higher taxes. As an entrepreneur, Victoria created and managed Day Spa’s and designed and manufactured a high-end Esthetician product line. Victoria oversaw the daily operations of both companies, and after growing both companies successfully, she sold them in 2004 and 2009, respectively. Victoria is currently a Business Broker with First Choice Business Brokers in Las Vegas.

By: Senator Scott Hammond (pictured below)

My name is Scott Hammond, and I’m running for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. As a former high school teacher, I saw firsthand the struggles that students in Nevada’s education system face, and that’s why, when I was elected to the Nevada Senate, I made education my top priority. Together, we created new opportunities and choices for Nevadans including Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s). I was proud to have been the sponsor of that legislation, and I was proud of the thousands of Nevadans who signed up for an ESA. Providing these opportunities is common sense – it’s the type of common sense that we need to see in Washington, DC. I’m running for Congress to improve our education, work to foster a small-business friendly environment, and stand up to the Washington DC establishment that has stood in the way of Nevada’s growth for too long. If you agree with me that we need conservative leadership, I would appreciate your support.

Noted Author/Editor Andrew Carroll to Speak September 26

The RCSCA Board has been busy planning a special event, An Evening With Author Andrew Carroll, with our co-sponsor Anthem Authors. The event will take place on September 26, in the Delaware Room, Anthem Center, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Andrew will speak about his latest project, the "Million Letters Campaign", to seek out and preserve at least 1,000,000 war-related letters and correspondences from every conflict in U.S. history.

Andrew is pictured at the left with Kevin "Red Eagle" Brown, chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council, who's a veteran himself and will be helping Andrew find letters by Native American veterans.

Pictured with Andrew at the right is Joyce Hallenbeck,who gave him her husband's letters from Vietnam (he was killed in action).

I’ve been reading War Letters, edited by Andrew Carroll, and I am very impressed and so grateful that these letters have been collected and saved for future generations. A good book is one I enjoy. A great book is one that takes me somewhere new, intellectually and emotionally. War Letters is a great book. Divided into sections beginning with the Civil War and ending with Vietnam and the Persian Gulf, the letters often begin with eyewitness accounts of battles and everyday life during wartime. The authors were able to endure because they drew strength from their faith, family and love of country.

Through their eyes, I experienced the difficulties faced by ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances and their struggle to rise to the occasion. Reading the letters immersed me in the slipstream of history, and gave me a new perspective on the different wars and a deeper appreciation for the ties that bind us all. I will definitely be reading more by this gifted editor/author. Behind the Lines is next for me.

During his visit with us, Andrew plans to share some very special letters and discuss his new book, My Fellow Soldiers, about General John Pershing.

If you have not already signed up to attend, I urge you to do so. It promises to be a very special event! Let’s take a break during these contentious times and come together to spend and evening with Andrew Carroll. - Suzanne

We hope you will be able to join us for this most patriotic of special events! If you would like to attend, Virginia Finnegan will be taking reservations. You may call her at 702-270-0425, or email her at virginiafaye@cox.net. Please include the first and last name and the SCA ID # for each attendee. This event is open to Sun City Anthem residents only. We have 200 seats for this event, so please make your reservations early. We may need to seek a larger space if demand is high, so please help us plan for the event by making your reservations soon.

June 10 meeting featured Senator Michael Roberson

On June 10, Nevada Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson gave a very informative (and somewhat scary) presentation to the Republican Club. You can read his entire presentation by going to “Documents / Presentations / Roberson Speech 061017 02” in the menu bar above. He summarized by saying this past legislative session was the most divided and uncompromising he has seen in his seven years in Carson City. The Democrats who swept the Assembly and Senate in November 2016 support an extremely radical left-wing agenda, and they are so ideologically driven that negotiation or discussion is impossible with most of them.

As summarized by Senator Roberson: “The 2017 legislative session will be remembered for having the most anti-business and pro-felon legislation that has ever been introduced. I look forward to giving you a post-session update on Saturday, June 10th at the Republican Club of Sun City Anthem at 10 a.m. I was proud to lead the fight against Sanctuary Cities and increased property taxes. Those issues, and countless others, would become law immediately if the Democrats are successful in the 2018 election cycle. That is why I hope you’ll join me on June 10th at 10 a.m. because we need you to be involved in the 2018 elections. Elections have consequences and you can see firsthand the importance of electing the right people to office. We have an amazing opportunity in 2018 and I hope you’ll do everything you can to be involved, become engaged and work to return common sense to government.”

Shown at right is Senator Roberson with Republican Club President Suzanne Arnona.

Following are just a few of the 26 Democrat proposals that Senator Roberson reviewed. You can read his entire presentation by going to “Documents / Presentations / Roberson Speech 061017 02” in the menu bar above.

  • Voting rights for felons (even in prison)
  • Make Nevada a sanctuary state
  • Raise property taxes
  • Increase minimum wage to $15/hour
  • Rename McCarran to Harry Reid Airport
  • Ban the death penalty

Fortunately, Republican Governor Brian Sandoval was able to veto the worst pieces of proposed legislation, and these vetoes were upheld by united Republican support in the Assembly and Senate. Senator Roberson emphasized that the 2018 election of our Nevada Governor is absolutely critical if we are to avoid having a radical Democrat agenda put in place. Without a Republican Governor in office, many if not all of the above legislation would have been put in place. This should be tremendous incentive for all of us to do all we can to elect a Republican Governor in 2018. Senator Roberson advised that, although he has not yet formally announced, we should all generate enthusiasm for supporting Adam Laxalt for Governor in 2018. Of course, Nevada will also have other critical elections in 2018, including Senator Heller’s position, and replacing Jackie Rosen in CD-3, which should be a Republican seat. We all need to make our resolve to do all we can to GET OUT THE VOTE IN 2018!

By: Don Manning Republican Club Board Member and Past President

2017 Scholarship Awards

The Republican Club awards scholarships of $1,000 or $1,500 each year to one or two outstanding UNLV College Republicans. These scholarships are funded by membership contributions through the 50/50 drawings, and the coffee donations. Kay Dwyer has done an outstanding job in coordinating the vetting and selection of candidates. This year’s scholarship winners are Serrina Nasrollahi (in red at right) and Haley Roser, (in blue at left). They each received a $1,000 scholarship.

Haley Roser plans to earn a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Haley's goal is to continue her studies in graduate school and become a Certified Nurse Anesthetist. Eventually, she would like to participate in medical missions around the world. Haley credits her grandparents, who raised her, for instilling her conservative values.

Serrina Nasrollahi is a pre-med student whose goal is to graduate next year and enter the UNLV Medical School's 2020 class. She worked through the National Science Foundations REU Program as an undergraduate biologist during the winter of 2015 for a month and a half in Northwestern Ethiopia. Her research involved testing artifacts with a procedure, called amino acid racemization, in order to study the foraging behaviors of man during the Middle Stone Age. Serrina credits her father for inspiring her conservative values.

These fine young people give us great hope that the country’s future is in good hands. We wish them every success in all their future endeavors!

Want your spirits uplifted regarding the quality of some of our youth today? Go to ("Documents" / "Presentations" / "RCSCA 2017 Scholarship Winners' Essays") in the menu bar above to read the essays written by our two scholarship winners. Very uplifting!