Republican Club Meeting on January 13, 10:00 a.m.

The Republican Club’s first meeting of the new year was held on Saturday, January 13, 10:00 a.m., in the Morris Nelson Room, Independence Center. Our speaker was John Tsarpalas, President of the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

John (pictured left) provided members with an update of upcoming events in 2018 of importance for all Nevadans. Members were given two booklets, The 2017 Nevada Legislative Session Review and Report Card,and Solutions 2017: A Sourcebook for Nevada Policymakers. The first booklet contains an overview of the last legislative session and included individual legislative scores for all legislators. The author of this booklet, Daniel Honchariw (pictured right with members), was also present and shared some of his insights. The second booklet contained ideas and information on key areas of government for citizens and Nevada policymakers. Members also asked questions at the conclusion of John's remarks.

Members were afforded the opportunity to sign up for newsletters from the Nevada Policy Research Institute. If you would like to learn more about this organization, or receive their newsletter, please go to

Michelle Williams is our 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Michelle Williams is our $1000 UNLV scholarship recipient for 2018.

During the month of December, our Education Committee met with applicants and selected a recipient, Michelle Williams, to receive our scholarship in the amount of $1000.00. Applicants were asked to describe themselves and their goals in writing. The following is Michelle’s response:

“Growing up, I always told people that I would change the world someday. I believed that I could do something for the greater good of all people, and I still do. I didn't really know how I would accomplish my goal, until I got into high school and joined the debate team. I spent three years constantly researching and arguing different viewpoints related to domestic and international policies, which made me more aware of the politics of our country. From that point forward, I became interested in the world of politics and became determined to make an impact. My senior year of high school I began to associate myself with the UNLV College Republicans. I attended their meetings, RLI trainings, and a number of events. By the time I finally got into college, I became Secretary of the CR's, field director for Mack Miller for Assembly District 5, and one of the Young Leaders of Generation Opportunity. My goal is to make the connections I can so that in the near future I can run for office on the local level, then eventually the federal level.”

Michelle attended our January 13 meeting, so members had the opportunity to meet her. Michelle is pictured left with Suzanne Arnona, club President, and pictured right with Education Committee chair, D.C. Collins. We wish this exceptional young woman well on her future endeavors!

The money for the scholarship award came from the 50/50 ticket sales and the tip jar for refreshments. In addition, several winners of the 50/50 drawing donated the money back to the scholarship fund. We appreciate your generosity. The scholarships help students with their financial expenses and recognize their efforts to promote conservative ideals.

The money is disbursed in the form of a check made out to the university with the recipient’s student ID number written on the check. When the recipient registers for next round of classes, the money is applied to their balance due.

Many of you have expressed how much you enjoyed meeting our past recipients and hearing them speak at our meetings. Thank you for your continued support of our scholarship program.

Check out the document State of Nevada Popular Annual Financial Report in "Documents/Presentations" above

At the membership meeting on October 14, the State of Nevada Popular Annual Financial Report booklets were made available to members. This 24 page report contains detailed information on Nevada state spending, revenues, health and social services, education, public employee compensation and benefits, an economic outlook and policy prescriptions. The numbers, grafts and charts in the booklet contain information of interest to all Nevadans. While some of the content in the booklet may appear to support a stance on certain recommendations, we wish to remind our members that the club does not take a position on any issues. We are purveyors of information. We strive to provide our members with information on the current political scene so they may arrive at their own conclusions.

Wayne Allyn Root Speaks at the Republican Club Meeting on November 11

Wayne Allyn Root spoke to the membership on November 11. As promised, it was a most unpredictable and interesting meeting! Using his signature energized and passionate delivery, Wayne addressed a variety of issues to a capacity crowd. Attendees were given Wayne's take on current news stories that included the Roy Moore situation, the tax plans, all President Trump has achieved, and many more! At the conclusion of his remarks, Wayne took questions from the Board and the membership. Wayne was very generous with his time and he no left question unanswered. We thank Wayne for a super charged speech full of interesting information! It was a great meeting!