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ACTION REQUIRED-Electronic Health Record Legislation 04.10.23


At our April 8th Meeting we discussed the several proposed bills on Healthcare, specifically titled Medicaid Enhancements, currently in the Nevada Legislature. 

These bills included 1-2 sentences embedded within, that in reality if passed would mandate a Nevada State Electronic Health Record System be created under the state government.  The description further states that this state E.H.R. system would connect into a US Government E.H.R. system and that would connect into a World Health Organization (WHO) system. 

These mandates in no way indicate the levels of security, privacy and legal requirements all health records in the United States must meet.  Additionally, the State of Nevada already has an E.H.R. System that was developed about 12 years ago, with the latest technology and security, and is run by a consortium of all the major hospitals, clinics and practices across the state.  If this private system is missing features, work with them to get these featureSarah.Peters@asm.state.nv.uss added.  Patients and the patient’s physician control access to their medical record, not the government. 

A greater concern is the sharing of private patient data – including medical, personal and financial - with the World Health Organization (WHO), who has a long history of working with China, specifically CCP, an enemy of the US.  It appears that members of the US Negotiating Committee involved in the development of this US-WHO Agreement have long standing relationships with WHO and may not support the concerns of US citizens for privacy, security and confidentiality of their personal, financial and medical data.  Indeed, only scrubbed information that is completely anonymous, should be shared with any unauthorized agent, organization or country, for the purposes of pandemic tracking.  Additionally, under no circumstances should the US give away the privacy rights and freedoms of our citizens without the direct consent of those citizens.   

We encourage you to review Google or other Browser Searches on this topic to fully understand the evolving status of this issue.  As the current proposed bills are actively in the Nevada Legislature – do contact your state senator, state representative and the committee chairs of the bills to voice your opinion. 

Senator Jeff Stone

Representative Danielle Gallant

Check Bill Numbers for the specific Chairpersons driving each Bill (NPR Database will provide this information). 


     Sarah’s Phone775-684-8559

Republicans on this committee:;;;

Bills referencing Mandated Electronic Health Record Systems:




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