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MAY 15 Pending Legislation _ Please Review


Please review and let your legislators know how you feel about the issues.


Please review and let your legislators know how you feel about the issues.

Here is the link to the current week’s updated 2023 Nevada Legislature Bills.

2023 Nevada Legislative Session Bill Tracker - Nevada Policy (

Here are some important bills you might want to take a look at and let your opinion be known by contacting legislative representative by clicking on “email the sponsor” or on the Nellis system.



Governor’s Education Reform Omnibus

Assembly Committee



Open Meetings

Senate Committee



Authorizes the county commissioner’s sole authority to raise 

gas taxes by adopting an ordinance

Senate Committee


Election Integrity

Governor's Election Reform Omnibus Bill

Senate Committee

The legislative session is coming to an end on June 6th. There are a lot of bills being pushed to the end. Question is – How many vetoes by the Governor.



The Weekly Summary from Nevada Policy Research.

Join Marcos Lopez for the week 14 legislative briefing as he discusses:

  • Which bill had rent control measures added to it, and its potential unintended consequences.

  • How an alarming PERS bill could open the way for state employees to no longer have to contribute to their own retirement funds.

  • Why the Department of Defense is supporting an occupational licensing bill.

  • Which healthcare bill you should reach out to your representatives to vote against; and

  • Why a tax credit bill that was unveiled this week has a hearing scheduled for next week.

To keep updated throughout the week on what is happening in Carson City, visit Nevada Policy’s bill tracker at


Legislative Lookout

The following bills are being discussed in some form this week please write your legislators and/or testify in:


AB120 - Allows for medical professionals to reenter the market in Nevada who might not have practiced for the preceding three years in association with a sponsoring organization. For more information:

AB350 – Civil Asset Forfeiture Reporting; Requires Law Enforcement Agencies to report to the Attorney General data regarding Civil Asset Forfeitures in a given year. For more information:

AB188 – Right to Try Act; Grants terminal patients the right to try experimental treatments. For more information:

SB270 – Massage Therapist Compact; Would have Nevada join the massage therapist compact, reducing occupational licensing barriers by recognizing compact member licenses. For more information:



AB182 – Would require a person to obtain a baccalaureate degree before participating in a program for an alternative route to licensure for teaching; Rather than imposing more barriers during a teacher shortage, Nevada should allow prospective teachers to test out of coursework requirements and recognized out-of-state licenses. The alternative certification process created by SB 315 (2011) can still take two full years for prospective teachers to complete. For talented, midcareer professionals seeking to transfer into the classroom, this barrier to entry is still needlessly onerous. Knowledgeable professionals should be able to have coursework requirements waived if they can achieve a reasonable score on a subject-matter test. For more information:

AJR6 – Adds Nevada to the Popular Vote Compact, essentially gutting the electoral college. For more information:,another%20candidate%20won%20their%20state.

AB250 – AB250, while well-intentioned, will inadvertently stifle innovation and limit patient access to novel and life-saving therapies. By enforcing a "maximum fair price", it will reduce incentives for pharmaceutical companies to invest in research and development of new treatments, particularly for rare or complex conditions. Additionally, the bill may lead to unintended consequences such as drug shortages, as manufacturers may prioritize distribution to regions with more favorable pricing structures. For more information:

SB 496 – Largest film tax credits in Nevada history. Tax credits have historically never paid for themselves and equate to corporate subsides. For more information:

AB298 - Would open the door to boarder rent control in Nevada by enacting it for Seniors. Ask representatives to remove section 4 relating to rent control. For more information:

AB28 – Creates the Baby Bond entitlement program. For more information:



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