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2023 Club Elections - Reminder

Club Elections will be occurring during our November 11, 2023 Meeting.  NO NOMINATIONS will be taken from the floor.  All Candidates for a Board of Director Role, both Officers and At-Large Directors, must submit the attached Candidate Application Form by October 16.  Our Election Committee will review all Applications and post Candidate Overviews for all club members to review, prior to the Nov 11 Election Meeting.

To continue the huge success we have generated over the past few years, we need everyone to contribute their time, energy, innovation and knowledge.  Please consider joining our Board, or becoming a Committee Chairperson.  Committee Chairs need not submit Candidate Applications, but should advise us of their desire to help.  

SEND CANDIDATE APPLICATIONS TO:  D.C. Collins, Election Committee Chair at:  2023-RCsca.Election@Gmail.Com

SEND interest in Committee Chair Roles to:  Partners7441@Gmail.Com      Please include your full name, email, phone number and the committee you wish to support.  Club Chairpersons will participate in Club Board Meetings.

Linda Rubinson, Secretary, Republican Club