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A Member's Thoughts on Israel and Palestine_101923

October 19, 2023

Richard Arendt, a member of our club, provided these comments:

“My Thoughts on Israel and Palestine”

I received an email from a friend who received an email from her friend who believes that the people of Palestine should be treated with kindness, that we should not consider all Palestinians who reside in Gaza enemies, that we should understand them.

Well, I thought deeply about that, and I decided to send this response to tell this to her friend.

"I would tell this guy that he needs to do a little bit of homework.

Since 2006, the "Palestinians of Gaza" elected Hamas to represent them by giving Hamas 76% of their votes, that is was the last election in Gaza.

It is no secret that Hamas states it is their belief that all Jews should be exterminated, that Israel must be destroyed.

The Palestinians knew that when 76% of them voted that way.

That also means that by that belief, they decided to viciously kill 1,300 innocent civilian women and babies who were Jews, not politicians; and in addition, took hundreds of hostages, a number which were American citizens that have since also been killed.

And to Israel and the rest of the CIVILIZED WORLD..

THAT MEANT THEY GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED when Israel decided to defend themselves.

Now tell your friend that Hamas also bombed their own hospital, and that not a single Arab nation wants to take any of them in as refugees.

...but good old America, and the good old Democrats who supported a corrupt old man to be president of the US, has now given Palestine an additional $100 million for "humanitarian assistance" in addition to the $6 billion for hostages, and the $40 billion additional sums over the years to "keep peace"...

...which unless you are a complete ideological fool, will quickly be confiscated by Hamas and further used to kill more Israelis.

Oh, there's more to tell you friend.

The Democrats who elected "Brandon", in order to keep their corrupt party in power in 2022, decided to deplete our oil reserves to what now amounts to 17 days’ worth of supply FOR DEFENSIVE purposes on top of allowing which will amount to 8,000,000 undocumented individuals, now at a minimum of at least 150 IDENTIFIED terrorists, into the US.

And of course, the Capitol building was just "invaded" yesterday by 300 people who cried "free Palestine"...but of course with the use of American money, and we all know that none will be prosecuted, don't we?

How safe does he feel now having his "peaceful friends" at our doorstep of government, along with a "squad" of Democrat crazies who carry Palestine flags and yet call themselves members of Congress?

And though I am a Catholic of German/American heritage....

Let's just summarize this by simply saying... 

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