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FBI Announcement to the American Jewish Community_101923

The following notice was sent to Temple Or Rishon, my California congregation by the FBI.

I am sharing it with my friends and family.  Linda Rubinson

To:  Temple Or Rishon, Orangevale, CA

October 13, 2023

Dear Community Partners,

Earlier today FBI officials, including Director Chris Wray and National Security Branch Executive Assistant Director Larissa Knapp, participated in engagements with security and law enforcement personnel and spoke about the FBI’s work to support the safety and security of the American Jewish community.  

As the devastation and brutality of the horrific attack on Israel by Hamas continues to become clear, I want you to know the FBI stands with the Jewish community.  I feel deeply for the families of those killed, kidnapped, injured, and unaccounted for.  

The attacks in Israel could prompt additional threats of violence from foreign terrorist organizations overseas, or those inspired by them here in the United States, or domestic violent extremists motivated by their own racial animus.  We’re aware of information on the internet about a Hamas call for action or demonstrations.  We will engage with all of our field offices to mitigate any kind of potential threats that might arise from this. I do not mention this to cause any alarm, but rather for you to be confident that the FBI is paying attention.  We are working closely with our law enforcement partners across the country to share information and identify and disrupt any threats that may emerge.

We also want to update you on the FBI's role in the current situation in Israel. Through our Legal Attaché office in Israel, FBI personnel are working with our partners on the ground to locate and identify any impacted Americans. Reports of deceased, injured, or unaccounted for Americans are being treated with the utmost urgency and aggressively investigated.  Additionally, the FBI has offered assistance from experts in our Critical Incident Response Group, Operational Technology Division, Laboratory Division, and Victim Services Division.

As always, we take seriously any tips or leads we receive regarding potential threats and investigate them rigorously to determine their credibility. If you become aware of any threat or suspicious activity, please report that information immediately to the FBI at  ​​​​​​​  or by calling your local FBI field office. If the activity involves imminent violence or threat to life, call 911.

Please feel free to share this information widely within your community.
Thank you,
Assistant Director Cathy Milhoan
FBI Office of Public Affairs