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INVITATION 2023 Republican club NOV Meeting

REMINDER:        NEXT Sun City Anthem Republican Club Meeting

Date/Time:         Saturday, November 11 @ 10 AM

Location:            Morris Nelson Rooms, Independence Center

Guest Speaker:             Chuck Muth, nationally recognized political commentator; noted expert on Nevada Politics; author of books, articles and regular blog.  Mr. Muth has been Chairperson of the Nevada State GOP, as well as Chair of the Clark County GOP.  He recently spent time in Washington DC learning how to manage and market political campaigns.  Come and listen to his stories about the evolution of the Nevada Republican Party, recent divisions in party philosophy and political objectives, and where does the Nevada GOP go from here. 

Republican Club 2023 ELECTIONS 

As you know, our ANNUAL ELECTIONS for 2023, will be held at our next Club Meeting

on Saturday, November 11. Please review the attached SUMMARY OF CANDIDATES

for your consideration for members of the Club Board.  Officers will hold their roles

for two years (2024-2025), and At-Large Directors will hold their positions for one year (2024). 

There will be NO NOMINATIONS FROM THE FLOOR.  There are no Board Positions that have multiple

individuals running for the same position, so we will vote by groups: 

  1.  Group I – Club Officer Positions

  2. Group II -- At-Large Directors

The SUMMARY OF CANDIDATES FORM includes the individual candidate, the role they wish to fulfill, the number of years they have been in our club, their reason to join the board, their experience, and their perspective on what they wish to accomplish as a board member.   The following individuals have submitted their credentials for consideration:

Sharon McCabe                             Sherry Yetter                    Lyn Rubinson                   Dennis Brown

William Stieren                              Jim Stevens                      Trudi Dailey                      John Waterhouse

Linda Buckardt                               Helene Linden                 Pamela Winger

Please review the attached list of candidates before come to our meeting.