Republican Club Officers for 2020 were elected at November 9 meeting!

RCSCA Officers: Kathy, Jackie, Gaye and Darlene

Election of 2020 Officers:

At the Membership Meeting of the Republican Club November 9, 2019, DC Collins, Chair of the Nominating Committee, presented the slate of candidates for the 2020 officer positions: 

Jackie Carroll, President

Gaye McDonald, Vice President

Darlene Davis, Treasurer

Kathy VonderAhe, Secretary

DC then asked if there were any volunteers for officers and none volunteered.  He made a motion to close nominations and the vote was all in favor. Next, he made a motion to approve the slate of officers and the body voted unanimously to accept the suggested slate. 

DC moved to end the meeting and it was adjourned.

The full minutes of the meeting are shown in "Documents/Club Minutes" in the menu bar above.