Feb 12 Meeting Follow-up Information

While the Republican Club of SCA does not take a position on issues or endorse candidates, the following is information provided for your use by our member Bill Stieren.

Dear Citizen Lobbyist:


On Tuesday, February 16, the Clark County Commission is scheduled to have a hearing to change the name of our Las Vegas Airport (LAS) from McCarran Airport to Harry Reid Airport.  This is a proposal made by Commission Chair Tick Segerbloom, who this week nominated himself for State Democratic Party Chair.

Please take 5 minutes to write and send an email to the County Commissioners requesting that the County not waste precious funds of over $1.5 million to change the name of the Airport during our current economic recession in Clark County.  We need to be spending our resources to counter the Covid pandemic spread not needlessly spending time and money for a name change. 

Below is a sample email that you may use. Use it, parts of it or create your own.

Email addresses:


District A, Commissioner Naft: ccdista@clarkcountynv.gov

District B, Commissioner Kirkpatrick: ccdistb@clarkcountynv.gov

District C, Commissioner Miller:  ccdistc@clarkcountynv.gov

District D, Commissioner McCurdy: ccdistd@clarkcountynv.gov

District E, Commissioner Segerblom: ccdiste@clarkcountynv.gov

District F, Commissioner Jones: ccdistf@clarkcountynv.gov

District F, Commissioner Gibson:  ccdistg@clarkcountynv.gov




Dear Commissioner (Name),


I oppose the renaming of McCarran Airport for the following reasons:

  • Our country is now very divided.  To name the airport after the current leader of the Democrat Party will add fuel to the fire.  This will polarize voters when we need to unify.
  • This would be irritating and confusing for tourists coming to Las Vegas.
  • We should not be destroying statues, renaming public places, demonizing historical figures to pacify a few. 
  • Senator McCarran contributed greatly to the success of Nevada.  A few of his accomplishments:
          • He is the reason we have Nellis Air Force Base. 
          • He is the reason Basic Magnesium Plant was built.
          • He is reason we have the City of Henderson. 
          • He is the reason the Air Force is its own branch of the service.
          • He required the U.S. Mint to produce silver dollars in support of our mining industry.
          • He championed worker's rights. 
          • He co-authored a bill that led to the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • The derogatory recollections that have recently surfaced are minor compared to his accomplishments. They have been exaggerated to support a political favor.
  • With the current budget shortfalls in government and our voter’s pockets this is an unnecessary expense for taxpayers and the private businesses linked to the airport.
  • There is no benefit to this action.  It will not make people happier, more prosperous, prouder of their public officials.... nothing.
  • This was proposed in the past and very unpopular with Nevadans.
  • It will cost multiple millions for all the other organizations that will need to change navigation charts, marketing firms promoting Las Vegas and others.
  • It would be extremely expensive.

(Your Name)