Clark County Republican Central Committee Meeting

The CCRCC meeting is coming up this Tuesday Nov 17.  Please see details in the attached invitation and consider attending.  This is where people who want to know what's going on, who is running the County, and a place to meet some elected officials. You must be a registered Republican to be a member.  It's an opportunity to be an activist in the Republican Party.

Jackie Carroll, President

RCSCA Newsletter November 2020

To All Members:

Please do not send in renewal dues for 2021.  As reported in last month's Newsletter, the Club is waiving renewal dues for all 2020 paid members.  An email was sent out on Oct. 30 to advise you that your dues are paid up through 2021. (If the date was missing, you should have received a correction with the date 12/31/2021 filled in.)

The November newsletter is now available on the website.