Republican Club March 9 Meeting will feature Henderson City Council Candidates

Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 10:00

The Republican Club’s next gathering will be Saturday, March 9, 10:00 a.m., in the Morris Nelson Room, Independence Center. Our guest speakers will be Henderson City candidates and Councilmen Dan Shaw, Ward 2 and Dan Stewart, Ward 4, and Candidate Michelle Romero, Ward 1. Early voting is March 16-29 with election day April 2. Hear what they have to say about their plans for the future of Henderson. Be prepared to ask them specific questions about your concerns. Dan Shaw was appointed to the Ward 2 seat in June 2017. He served on the board of Parks & Recreation and was chairman of the Planning Commission. He is married with six children and thirteen grandchildren. His priorities are fiscal responsibility, education, economic development, and public safety. Please visit

A third generation Nevadan, Dan Stewart was appointed to the Ward 4 seat in January 2017. He served on the Planning Commission and the State Ethics Commission. He is married with three children and nine grandchildren. His priorities include education, public safety, economic development and quality of life. Please visit

Michelle Romero was born and raised in Henderson. She is married with four children and four grandchildren. She had a 25-year career at the City of Henderson, spent the last 16 years in Redevelopment and retired in 2016. Her priorities include public safety, education, transparency and economic development. Please visit

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The Republican Club Met on January 12

The Republican Club’s first meeting of the year waw held on Saturday, January 12, 10:00 a.m., in the Morris Nelson Room, Independence Center. Our guest speaker was Victor Joecks (pictured left), political columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal. Victor gave us an overview of the upcoming political year. The Nevada Legislature will meet in 2019. The municipal elections will also take place in 2019. It’s going to be a busy year politically! Victor sent our club a special message that follows:

“Welcome to East California. Now that the elections are over, Democrats are telling the public what they actually want to do. Welcome to East California.

For the first time in decades, Democrats have unified control of state government. Steve Sisolak is a governor-elect, and Democrats have large majorities in both houses of the legislature.

Democrats ran as moderates, talking about the need for government efficiency and increasing education spending without raising taxes. Now their real agenda is out. Speaker Jason Frierson wants to make it more expensive to build school buildings, by mandating school districts pay union wage rates, not market rates. Incoming Senate Majority Leader Kelvin Atkinson wants to mandate that Nevada only use renewable energy by 2050. That could be possible in 30 years, but at the moment, it’s prohibitively expensive. Atkinson has also said that repealing right-to-work and raising property taxes will come up in the next session.

Sisolak, for his part, has promised to implement the stalled background check initiative but can’t tell anyone how he will do so. He can’t — unless he wants to weaken Nevada’s current background check law. During the campaign, his plans for education and health care were to get plans, which is a sign he hasn't exactly hit the ground running. The only sure thing is that labor unions will benefit greatly at the expense of taxpayers. Yep, that sure does sound like California.”

In addition, our 2018 RCSCA Scholarship recipient, Andrew Buchanan, addressed members and thanked them for his award! Pictured right to left is Kay Dwyer, Past RCSCA President, Andrew, and D.C. Collins, chairperson of our RCSCA Education Committee. For more on this exceptional young man, please read the article below.

We hope you were able to attend this most informative meeting!

Congratulations to Andrew Buchanan, RCSCA Scholarship Recipient for 2018!

Congratulations to our 2018 RCSCA Scholarship recipient, Andrew Buchanan! Our Education Committee (D.C. Collins, Linda Buckardt, Daryll Ann Sulliman, Jackie Carroll and John McCarthy) met with applicants and selected a recipient, Andrew Buchanan, to receive our scholarship in the amount of $1600.00. Andrew is pictured left with Kay Dwyer, past RCSCA President and founder of the club scholarship program. Applicants were asked to describe themselves and their goals in writing. They were also asked to write about their experience as a conservative attending UNLV. The following are Andrew’s responses:

About Andrew and Goals

“I am a college student. I slave countless hours and numerous days to achieve a better life for myself. I am going to college to be an electrical engineer, and I am currently taking the hardest semester I have ever taken. I am taking seventeen credits, and I have two jobs. This is my first semester of my junior year and it is by for the greatest challenge I have ever faced.

This semester is such a challenge because the work load never quits, and neither do I. I have no free time. I am always working weather it be school or my other jobs. On the side of school, I work for a retirement home as a server in their dining room, and for my second job I work as a tutor in the Academic Success Center at UNLV.

My life is busy, but it wasn’t always been like this. Back in high school I tried as hard as I could to get good grades, so my options would be better for picking my degree in college. Its ironic that through out my life people have always asked what I wanted to be, but it wasn’t up until I was sitting in the academic advising center picking my classes for my first semester in college that it mattered. I knew the pursuit of higher education was for me when I told the academic advisor that I wanted to be an inventor, and he didn’t look at me as if I was a child dreaming. He looked at me as if this idea of being an inventor was not unrealistic. This is when I knew I wanted to be an engineer."

About being a conservative on the UNLV campus

“Being a conservative while attending a University is not as easy as I thought it would be, and it has changed how I see my friends. Being a full time student with two part time jobs I often do not have the time to research current political views Conservative or Progressive. Many of my friends do not give the office of the President, held by Donald J Trump the respect that holding that office commands. With that being said I rely on my father to keep me up on current affairs. He believes in the constitution and has always taught me to speak what’s on my mind, ask questions, and do my own research.

Being a conservative while attending University has taught me that Progressives whether they are red or blue often make statements that are not true or are misleading. The main stream news is over ninety percent negative when it comes to our President, Donald J Trump. When you speak about something the president of the united states has said or done you are met with comments like homophobe, racist, xenophobe, ect. You must be careful and know your facts, so you can respond in a way that can defuse a conflict with a progressive Democrats. These democrats seem to have cognitive dissonance when our president is involved.

Attending this University has taught me how to become a better conservative. When you must be so careful about what you say around Progressive Democrats I feel it is discrimination against free speech. I wish there were more conservative Professor’s that taught at the University.

Attending this university in seek of a higher education has changed me, and showed me that even though the odds are against me I still have a right to stand up for what I believe in. What a great country we live in. A country where we are free to pursue our dreams and desires. I am proud to be a citizen of the United States. I’m proud to be a conservative thinker attending a University.”

Andrew will attend our January membership meeting, so we will get the opportunity to meet this exceptional young man.

Many of you have expressed how much you enjoyed meeting our past recipients and hearing them speak at our meetings. Thank you for your continued support of our scholarship program.

The Republican Club Annual Holiday Party was held on December 8! Merry Christmas!!

The Republican Club held it's annual Holiday Party during the regularly scheduled meeting time on December 8. The event was attended by 135 members, making it the largest and best attended holiday party ever! State Senator Keith Pickard spoke to the membership thanking them for their support during the last election. He was accompanied by his wife, Margaret, who was dressed as Mrs. Santa Claus!

Members enjoyed a delicious brunch from the Corner Bakery as they attended to their raffle tickets to see if they won any of the fabulous prizes on the beautifully arranged prize table organized by Daryll Ann Sulliman. Members whose ticket numbers were called had the opportunity to select from a large array of gift certificates, MAGA hats, books, wine, jewelry and handbags. In addition, the Membership Prize drawing for new and renewed members was won by Paula Cartier. This was a gift certificate for two buffet meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) at Mandalay Bay, donated by incoming RCSCA President Jackie Carroll.

The current RCSCA board (Wendell Olson, Virginia Finnegan, Phyllis Washburn, John McCarthy, Don Manning, DC Collins, Jackie Carroll, Linda Buckardt, Mary Bruner, Favil West, Mike Kennett, and Daryll Ann Sulliman) was thanked for their many efforts to support our club. The RCSCA membership has grown from 115 to 315 members in this past year! Outgoing President Suzanne Arnona introduced incoming President Jackie Carroll!

Photo credits: Top photo-State Senator Keith Pickard and his wife Margaret; left- Virginia Finnegan, Jan Olson, Mary Bruner, Suzanne Arnona, President Trump!, DC Collins, Daryll Ann Sulliman, Linda Buckardt, and Mike Kennett; right- Senator Keith Pickard and incoming RCSCA President Jackie Carroll; bottom left to right- Daryll Ann Sulliman overlooks the prize table; RCSCA members enjoy the buffet; Mavis and Paul MacDowell chat with Sydney Ingram; Linda Buckardt flashes a winning smile heading to claim her prize!

There was plenty of conservative fellowship and holiday cheer to be had by all!

The Annual Republican Club Holiday Party was held on December 8! Merry Christmas!!(Part 2)

The Republican Club celebrated the season with plenty of conservative fellowship, food and prizes! We had too much fun for just one article! We had fifty-four new member/renewal sign-ups at the party! Thank you all for your continued support of the RCSCA. Merry Christmas!

Photo credits: Top photo- Senator Keith Pickard addresses the crowd; left- Senator Pickard and Margaret Pickard chat with members; right- Don Schramski, Dave and Paula Cartier; Bottom left to right- members check their ticket members; members attend to Senator Pickard's remarks; Diana Czak, John Czak, Bob Sulliman and Chuck McDonald (standing); Paul MacDowell and Vice President Wendell Olson.