Read the candidate bios

Select the "Documents" tab at the top of your screen, then scroll to the "General" category, then click on the "View" button to see the list.  Select the one you want to read, and click on "View" again.

Come and meet the candidates

Our meeting will start promptly at 10 am, Delaware Room, Anthem Center, June 13 ,2020 if we are able to hold it. Our speaker is Congressman Mark Amodei with the latest updates on Washington D.C., the economy and recovery plans.

Open Nevada Now

In the spirit of keeping our RCSCA members informed please see our latest Newsletter posted on our Website entitled OPEN NEVADA NOW on the right hand side of our website Homepage.

 This message is from the NEVADA REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Vickie Dooling

Stay Current And Be Informed

An article by Vickie Dooling of the Phyllis Schalfly Constitution Center has been posted here in the DOCUMENT section under General.  It is essential and informative information for you and your family.  Take advantage of this important article and read it carefully.

RCSCA Newsletter April 2020

We will not be meeting in April. Our next scheduled RCSCA is scheduled for May 9th in the DELAWARE ROOM at the ANTHEM CENTER. Please note that this is not our usual meeting room at the Independence Center.

This is an election year and for our May meeting we have invited judicial candidates as well as two district #3 candidates running for office. Please plan to attend and meet them and pose to them your important questions. Our April newsletter is available on our website with information on these candidates.

RCSCA Membership Meeting Update

Unfortunately, due to the full shut down of all Sun City Anthem facilities, our March 14th meeting was cancelled.  Also, we will not be able to hold our April 11th meeting.  

However, we are inviting all the registered Republican judges (the list is provided on our DOCUMENTS page under "GENERAL") for Family Courts and Civil Courts, (who were scheduled for March), as well as our Congressional District 3 candidates, Dan Rodimer and Dan Schultz, (who were scheduled for April), to join our May 9th meeting guests Nevada State candidates, Melissa Hardy and Glen Leavitt.  We will meet in our usual room at Independence Hall.

You will receive your main-in ballot soon.  You must mail it in or drop it off at a designated location.  There will be no in-person voting, except for the lone one person at a location for same day registration and voting.  Please confirm your registration is up to date on the website:  Your vote is very important to all candidates, please vote.  

We will post information on our website about candidates should we not be able to hold our May 9th meeting.  We know how important meeting them and knowing their positions on issues is to you.  They also need to know our thoughts and opinions on what is important to us.  Candidate mailers will offer websites. Use them to judge positions and most important issues.