Club History


The Republican Club of Sun City Anthem was chartered and held its organizational meeting on August 6, 2011. The Republican Special Interest Group was organized after the transition of Sun City Anthem from Del Webb, the developer, to homeowner control in 2005. Prior to the transition, clubs were not allowed to have any affiliation with national or outside of the community groups. Special Interest groups did not have the same privileges of chartered clubs and eventually the SCA board of directors allowed them to become chartered as clubs with the same rules and regulations required of all clubs.

As the 2012 presidential election approached, the RCSCA began with great enthusiasm and energy. Our first event was hosting a town hall meeting with Congressman Joe Heck on August 27, 2011. We attracted nearly 200 residents of SCA and the meeting encouraged many Republicans in SCA to join our club. Membership exploded into the 2012 election year and we registered over 250 dues paid members. Our members participated in many volunteer activities and get-out-the-vote efforts.

Nevada was the first western state to conduct a Republican presidential preference caucus. The RCSCA was successful in sponsoring one of the caucuses on our campus. Many of our members volunteered to assist with these meetings as leaders and other volunteer positions.

As the 2012 election year progressed, we were able to attract many notable and interesting speakers who educated many of our residents and members about Nevada political procedures that may have differed from their previous experience in other states.

We were able to establish a scholarship program for deserving UNLV College Republican students. Selections are made in cooperation with their leadership.

One of the highlights of the year was the appearance of Herman Cain, presidential candidate, in a special event for SCA. Over 400 residents attended this event that was sponsored by RCSCA. We worked jointly with the Southern Hills Republican Women’s Club to make it a resounding success.

Although we were all disappointed with the outcome of the presidential election, we did enjoy some solace with the reelection of Congressman Joe Heck and Senator Dean Heller. Mark Amodei was elected to Congress and, even though he is not in our district, we did what we could to give him our support.

We lost quite a few of our dues paid members of the club after the 2012 election. We did, however, continue to support our candidate for the local election of Mayor of Henderson, Rick Workman. We proudly supported Judge Mark Stevens of Henderson District Court #1, and his efforts to create and maintain a veterans’ court to assist veterans who may need legal and other assistance as they reenter civilian life.

Now, into the 2014 election year, we are again enjoying an increase in membership. We are finding a new resolve to support candidates for congress and, at the state level, the Governor, Lt. Governor, and the constitutional officer candidates. In addition, there are state senate and assembly seats to elect as well as judges who are so important to our judicial system.

We look forward to an active new year as we host the 10 Republican precincts for our precinct meetings in SCA to kick off the 2014 election year.

We will continue to host as many candidates for as many offices as we can over the months to the primary and general elections.

Our goal is to attract and enroll at least 500 members to the RCSCA this year.