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About Us


What’s the purpose of the club?

  • To promote the principles and core values of the Republican Party through education programs, publicity, and forums for discussion and debate.
  • To encourage such civic duties as voter registration drives, candidate forums and constituent services and workshops.
  • To identify, promote and support Republican candidates for office.

The core Republican principles are constitutionally limited government, fiscal discipline, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets and economic freedom, and the preservation of our national military and moral strength.

How can I join the club?

If you live in Sun City Anthem you are eligible for membership. You may attend club meetings up to three times before being asked to join although we welcome your membership at the first meeting you attend. Calendar year dues are $10.

What do you expect from me?

We want you to be an informed voter. The most important expectation we have is that you show up on Election Day and vote.

You will have many opportunities to get involved in many ways, but there are no expectations or requirements from the club for you to do anything other than voting.