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Club History

The Republican Club of Sun City Anthem  (RCSCA) was formed in 2006.   During that year, Bob and Daryll Ann Sulliman relocated to Sun City Anthem.  Bob was reading the Spirit one day and he noticed that there was a special interest group for Democrats but not Republicans!  Daryll Ann made up some flyers inviting anyone interested in forming a club to meet at their home.  She distributed the forms around Anthem center.

Fifty-three people attended that meeting!   No reservations were required.  They served water (true conservatives)!!!!  Bob and Daryll Ann presented their request to be a SIG (Special Interest Group) to the Lifestyle Committee and thus began the story of our club.   Bob Sulliman was the President of the SIG from the fall of 2006-2008.  Daryll Ann was the Vice President.   The fledgling group received great support from our community and the Southern Hills Republican Women’s Club, which promoted our club efforts.

Daryll Ann chaired the formation of the Republican SIG to charter and the RCSCA become a recognized club.  Virginia Finnegan, Ivy Siriotis, Michelle Turner, Kathy Matson, Bob Frank and Angela Lin-Greenberg assisted in those early days.  Phyllis Washburn  (current RCSCA secretary) was on the Lifestyle committee when we became a SIG.   Virginia Finnegan (past RCSCA treasurer) was on Lifestyle committee when we became a club.

Barry Weinstein was voted the first RCSCA president. Barry was a man who truly stepped up because he cared about making the world a better place. His wife Mary Jo assisted him with documentation of meetings and materials.  Mary Jo continued to assist the club until recently with the website and Spirit publications.

During the initial years of the club,  (2007-2014) the RCSCA supported Lynn Stewart as our Assemblyman and U. S. Congressman Jon Porter.  Governor Jim Gibson and other elected Republicans regularly appeared at RCSCA meetings.  Candidates for local and state offices also appeared before the membership.

2012 Club Officers: President Favil West; Vice President (unknown); Treasurer (unknown); Secretary Kay Dwyer.

2013 Club Officers: President Kay Dwyer; Vice President Don Manning; Treasurer Karl Johnson; Secretary Mary Bruner.

2014 Club Officers: President Fred Arnow; Vice President Don Manning; Treasurer Joan Weinberger; Secretary Kay Dwyer.

The RCSCA played an important role in our conservative community during the last presidential election.   Since the next cycle is approaching, a summary of our RCSCA club activities from the past four years is listed below.  Wow!

2015 synopsis:  2015 Club Officers: President Don Manning; Vice President Virginia Finnegan; Treasurer Karl Johnson; Secretary Kay Dwyer.  Throughout the course of the year, the Republican Club welcomed speakers Andy Matthews, President of NPRI (Nevada Policy Research Institute); Crystal Hendrickson, Ward 2 Henderson City Council candidate; Derek Uehara, Ward 4 Henderson City Council candidate; Stavros Anthony, Las Vegas Mayor Pro-Tem; Senator Michael Roberson, Nevada Senate Majority Leader; Elizabeth Crum Thompson, media personality; Wayne Allyn Root, conservative speaker; Senator Dr. Joe Heck; and Glen Cook, Review Journal editorial writer. In September, Nevada Assemblywomen Vicki Dooling and Victoria Seaman spoke to our group.  In October, Las Vegas City Councilman and statewide political figure Bob Beers spoke to members.    In November, Kevin Wall, radio commentator appeared before the membership.  In addition, the RCSCA hosted several presidential candidates in our SCA Ballroom.  Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina all addressed capacity crowds. Governor Mike Huckabee joined us at our Holiday Party.   In addition, the RCSCA successfully held two satellite meetings of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee, which allowed members a chance to attend the meeting in their own neighborhood in lieu of driving to the center of the city.

2016 synopsis:  2016 Club Officers: President Don Manning; Vice President Virginia Finnegan; Treasurer Karl Johnson; Secretary Suzanne Arnona. The Republican Club welcomed speakers Senator Michael Roberson in January and James Green in February.  Dr. Ben Carson appeared before a capacity crowd in Freedom Hall, Independence Center, just before the RCSCA held a caucus for all Sun City Anthem precincts in the SCA ballroom. Next, Mark Peplowski, political science professor at CSN spoke on the Convention of States movement and Judges John Connell and Melissa Saragosa addressed the group.  In April, all of the following candidates briefly addressed the membership:  Clark County Commissioner Republican Candidate Michael Thomas; State Assembly candidates Swadeep Nigam (District 23); Richard Bunce (District 22); Keith Pickard (District 22); and District Court Judges Judge Joe Hardy (Dept. 15); Judge Eric Johnson (Dept. 20); and Candidate Attorney Scott Holper (Dept. 20).  In May, CD3 (Congressional District 3) candidates Michelle Fiore, Danny Tarkanian, Michael Roberson, Annette Teijeiro, Kerry Bowers, and Andy Mathews participated in a forum held in the Delaware Room moderated by Ed Williams, former CCRCC (Clark County Republican Central Committee) president.  Senator Dr. Joe Heck in spoke in June.  Wayne Allyn Root spoke in July and Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske spoke in August.  Danny Tarkanian addressed members in September.   A speaker from the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities- 2016 Ballot Initiatives spoke in October.  Rick Workman spoke to members concerning his Nevada CSI project in November.  In lieu of a speaker, the club’s annual Holiday Party was held in December.  The RCSCA also held three CCRCC (Clark County Republican Central Committee) satellite meetings that year.

2017 synopsis:  2017 Club Officers: President Suzanne Arnona; Vice President Karl Johnson; Treasurer Virginia Finnegan; Secretary Linda Buckardt.   The Republican Club presented a variety of guests who spoke on a number of timely topics and issues.   During 2017, the Nevada Legislature was in session.  Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison stopped by in January to give us an overview.  In succeeding months, he was followed by Michael Schaus and Karen Gray of NPRI (Nevada Policy Research Institute) who showed us how to navigate the legislative website; Senator Dean Heller; Review Journal columnist Victor Joecks; and political analyst Megan Barth.  When the legislative session closed, Senator Michael Roberson provided members with a wrap up.   In September, CD3 (Congressional District 3) candidates Dave McKeon, Victoria Seaman and Senator Scott Hammond addressed members.

In October, Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony and Former Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers addressed the membership; Wayne Allyn Root, conservative columnist, appeared in November.  In December, our annual Holiday Party was held in lieu of a speaker.

2018 synopsis:  2018 Club Officers:  President Suzanne Arnona; Vice President Wendell Olson; Treasurer Virginia Finnegan; Secretary Phyllis Washburn.  The Republican Club welcomed most elected officials and candidates who appeared on the ballot during this important election year.  In January, John Tsarpalas of NPRI (Nevada Policy Research Institute) gave us an over view for the year.   Adam Laxalt, Nevada’s Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate, and Wes Duncan, candidate for attorney general spoke in February.  In March, the RCSCA hosted a debate between the candidates for CD3 (Congressional District 3); Senator Scott Hammond, Michelle Mortensen, Victoria Seaman and Dave McKeon participated.  In addition, a Precinct Meeting was held in March in the Delaware Room to afford SCA Republicans a chance to elect delegates to the Clark County Republican Party.

At the April meeting, incumbents Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske addressed members.   On April 28, the club hosted a Candidate Fair in the SCA ballroom to allow club and community members the opportunity to meet the candidates and ask their questions.  Approximately thirty candidates, from gubernatorial and state races to county judicial contests, met with members and guests to discuss the issues. 

The May meeting featured Danny Tarkanian and Annette Teijeiro, candidates for Congressional District 3; Bob Beers and Derek Uehara, candidates for State Treasurer; Byron Brooks and Keith Pickard, candidates for the Nevada State Senate; Richard Bunce and Melissa Hardy, candidates for Assembly 22; and Matt McCarthy and Glen Leavitt, candidates for Assembly 23 spoke to members.  During July, community speakers spoke to ballot Questions 1 and 3.  In August, Bob Massi spoke on the importance of voting.   In September, Danny Tarkanian, candidate for the Nevada State Senate, addressed the group.   In November, Heather Stamer spoke about Veterans Village; Judge Mark Stevens, of Veterans Court spoke to members.  In December, our annual Holiday Party was held in lieu of a speaker.

2019 synopsis:  2019 Club Officers: President Jackie Carroll; Vice President Trudi Dailey; Treasurer John McCarthy; Secretary Phyllis Washburn.  The Republican Club welcomed Victor Joecks, Review Journal columnist in January.  John Tsarpalas, President of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, appeared in February to show members how to track bills and participate online in the legislative session.    In March, Henderson city councilmen and candidates Dan Shaw and Dan Stewart spoke to members.  Council candidates Michelle Romero and Danny Vella also spoke.   In April, Mary Rooney, Co-founder of NevadansCAN addressed the membership. 

  The RCSCA has worked diligently over the years to provide members with the opportunity to meet candidates and elected officials, get information on issues of importance, and help connect our group to the state and national Republican Party.