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The Club is open to residents of Sun City Anthem.  Residents are welcome to attend as guests, up to 5 meetings, before joining.  Dues are $10 per person for the calendar year.  When you wish to join, click on the form attached below and print it.  Complete the information required, and leave it with your check or cash in the Club mailbox at Anthem Fitness Center.  Or bring it to the next club meeting and sign up there.  One or two persons at the same address can you use one form.  If you write a check, it should be payable to Sun City Anthem Community Association Inc., or leave the payee name blank and we will stamp it.

Alternatively, you can fill out your membership record here on the website, and then bring the payment to the mailbox or the next meeting.  To do this, click the “Log In” tab, then the “Create New Membership” tab.  Complete the information, and then click the “Create New Membership” BUTTON at the bottom of the page.