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Attention:    Republican Club Members


At the Saturday, November 11 Republican Club Meeting, the following information will be available at the END of the SIGN-IN DESK, upon entering our meeting room. Please see Linda Buckardt for details or questions.

 VOTER REGISTRATION:  If you are new to NEVADA and need to change your name, address, or party affiliation (DM always lists voter registration as “Independent”.  You may wish to change this to become a registered “REPUBLICAN”.)  If you have new neighbors, feel free to take a VOTER REGISTRATION FORM for them to register.

STATE OF NEVADA MAIL BALLOT PREFERENCE FORMS:  If you select to VOTE BY MAIL – YOUR NEVADA MAIL BALLOT PREFERENCE FORM must be postmarked by DECEMBER 8, 2023, to the address provided on the top of the form. This will tell the Election Office to whom to send your MAIL BALLOT. 

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everyone to VOTE by MAIL BALLOT, Vote EARLY and drop this ballot off at a legitimate BALLOT BOX ONLY.  Placing Ballots in the US MAIL results in LOST or MISPLACED Ballots in the US Post Office.  This will result in your vote not being counted.  Waiting until the last day to go to YOUR LOCAL VOTING LOCATION, could also present issues, including but not limited to machines not working correctly. VOTE EARLY.

DECEASED OR MOVED VOTER REPORT:  The Clark County Voter Registration List is filled with names of individuals who have passed away or have moved out of Clark County or out of the state of NEVADA.  It is IMPORTANT TO PULL THESE VOTER REGISTRATION CARDS AND IMMEDIATELY notify the voter registration office to make corrections.   

POLL WORKERS:  If you wish to become a Poll Worker for the PRIMARY Elections (Feb 2024, June 2024) or the November 2024 ELECTION, the community could use assistance to facilitate these events.  Please speak with Linda Buckardt. 

Sun City Anthem has consistently run 80-87% Republican Voter participation. 

Our goal for 2024 is to reach 100%


If we all pitch-in, we can help to drive the election of CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES.