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REMINDER: SEPT 9 Republican Club Meeting





Barbara Powers Wyatt

A True American Patriot




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  • 50 Years Ago, Barbara Was Instrumental in The Return of American POWs from Vietnam 

  • She Immortalized The POW Experiences From Incarceration Through Returning Home

  • In 1973 Barbara authored “WE CAME HOME” which is available through AMAZON

  • For 50 years, Barbara has continued to support these brave individuals & families

  • Please join our reception following the presentation

  • SPONSOR:  The Republican Club of Sun City Anthem 

NEXT Republican Club Meeting - September 9


Sun City Anthem Republican Club


We are very pleased to welcome: 

Barbara Powers Wyatt

A True American Patriot

Time:             10AM – 1 PM; Reception following the presentation

Location:      Sun City Anthem Center – Auditorium / Delaware Room

                               ALL RESIDENTS OF SUN CITY ANTHEM ARE WELCOME

Barbara Powers Wyatt was instrumental in helping to bring American POWs home from Vietnam.  Based upon her work, Barbara wrote” We Came Home”, in 1973 to document the experiences of these individuals from incarceration, through the journey home and then re-establishing themselves in American culture.  For five decades Barbara has traveled the country staying in touch with these Veterans, and their families.  Upon the recent 50th Anniversary of this homecoming, Barbara has revised "We Came Home" to include the history and stories of this historical event.

While in the Reagan White House, Barbara Wyatt was also instrumental in creating, along with John Walsh, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  As we have recently learned, this problem has been exponentially magnified in recent years, so the purpose and coordinated efforts of many law enforcement and private agencies have been critical in finding and reuniting thousands of children with their families.  


Barbara Wyatt’s book is available through AMAZON.  Barbara has agreed to sign personal copies of her book brought to the reception following our September 9th Meeting. 


Membership Update Request August 2023

ATTENTION:   Sun City Anthem - Republican Club Members

Our Club is in the process of building a NEW EMAIL System to communicate with ALL of our Members.  Attached you will find a Membership UPDATE FORM we are asking EVERYONE to complete and return as soon as possible. Over the past 18 months we have recognized that members have moved, changed house or cell phone numbers or changed names.  To accurately ensure we are reaching you with Club Notices and other Important Information, it was decided to build a NEW EMAIL System.  Using our old database - that has already been found to have errors - would be counter productive.  Please complete the attached form and drop it in our Club Mailbox in Anthem Center (opposite the Fitness Desk) or scan the completed form and email it to:  Partners7441@Gmail.Com.  

Please - ONLY ONE NAME PER FORM.  COUPLES:  Please have each person complete a separate form.

PRINT YOUR INFORMATION CLEARLY, and Sign where indicated. 

Many Thanks,

Your Republican Club Board of Directors











We are very pleased to welcome: 

Barbara Powers Wyatt

A True American Patriot


Time:             10AM – Noon; Reception following the presentation

Location:      Sun City Anthem Center – Auditorium


Barbara Powers Wyatt wrote” We Came Home”, in 1973 to honor the American POWs from the Vietnam War.   As a member of the Reagan Administration, Barbara helped to identify these military heroes and worked with the Pentagon to bring them home.  Her book has given the many stories of these brave individuals a place in American History.   With the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the release of the Vietnam POWs, Barbara has augmented the stories of the men, women and families impacted by this period of American History.  For decades Barbara has traveled the country staying in touch with these Veterans, and their families.

While in the Reagan White House, Barabara was also instrumental in creating, along with John Walsh, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This organization has helped to reunite thousands of children with their families.  


At 91 years young, Barbara Powers Wyatt, continues to share her energies, enthusiasm, knowledge, and dedication, to America and its many heroes. 

Barbara Wyatt’s book is available through AMAZON.  Barbara has agreed to sign personal copies of her book brought to the reception following our September 9th Meeting. 

Mark Your Calendar - September 9 Meeting

Sun City Anthem - Republican Club


Barbara Powers Wyatt 

A Profile A cover of a book

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Invitation:       All Sun City Anthem Residents Welcome

Date:                     Saturday, September 9, 2023                                                      

Time:                     10 AM – 1 PM; Reception following the presentation

Location:              Sun City Anthem Center – Auditorium

In 1973, American prisoners of war (POWs) were released from the terrible prisons of North Vietnam. How did the men survive the years of solitary confinement and the brutal torture that was all too common? After their return through the U.S. military's Operation Homecoming, the POWs shared their individual stories in letters to the American people. These letters shed light on their faith in God and love of family and country as well as their commitment to America and its freedoms. They also tell of their unique communication system and their unshakable sense of humor, which was critical to their survival. With gut-wrenching honesty and raw emotion, the POWs even describe the horrors of their encounters with the cruel guards. These men returned home with honor; they are our heroes. ...

Barbara Wyatt wrote” We Came Home”, in 1973 to honor these military heroes, giving their individual stores a place in American History.   With the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the release of the Vietnam POWs, Barbara has revised her stories of the men, women and families impacted by this period of American History.  Barbara travels the country staying in touch with these Veterans, and their families.

In addition to her work with the Vietnam POWs, Barbara was instrumental in creating, with John Walsh, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  This organization has helped to reunite thousands of children with their families.  Over the years, Barbara Wyatt has been recognized for her valiant service to children and military veterans through numerous awards including:

The History Medal from American Colonists

Historic Preservation from the Daughters of Colonial Wars

Preservation Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution – October 7, 2023

At 91 years young, Barbara Wyatt, continues to share her energies, knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication, to America and its many heroes. 

Barbara Wyatt’s book is available through AMAZON. Barbara has agreed to sign copies of the book brought to the reception following our meeting.…

REMINDER: JULY 8 Republican Club Meeting


Next Meeting:                  Saturday, July 8, 2023

Time:                                 10 AM – Noon

Location:                           Morris-Nelson Rooms in Independence Center

Sign-In:                              Please Sign-In as you arrive.  It is important that we know who is in attendance.  Also indicate, by your initials, if you wish to receive information about: 

1. Legislative issues, bills, and candidates 

2. Information about other SCA Club or Political Party Events 

SPEAKER #1:            The Convention of States (COS) 

Bill Harenburg, Regional Captain

The Convention of States (COS) is a national organization of ALL Americans, from all parties, ethnicities, economic classes, religions, and all regions of the country driven to have the people’s voices heard over that of the Washington elite and big government. The Constitution of the United States defines that the power of America is through the will of its people and our legislators have been elected to do the will of the people.  The Convention of States has been implemented 41 times throughout our country’s history.  In modern times both the balance of power and the views and needs of the American people, have been overshadowed by the political machine that has become Washington, DC.  But through the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, our Constitution provides guidelines for the people to be heard, their needs addressed, and the power balance reset, through implementation of Article V of the US Constitution. 

Today it requires 34 states to ratify the specific issues by the calling of a Convention.  The Convention is represented by the people of each state, not legislators, and must remain focused on the same specific issues ratified by the states.  As of June 2023, 19 States have voted affirmatively for the Convention of States to be called. 

The topics approved include:

  1.  Term Limits for Congress and Elected Officials

  2.   Fiscal Restraints, including maintaining and living by a balanced budget

  3.   Limit the power and scope of the federal government


We were most pleased to have our own, Bill Harenburg, Regional Captain for COS, present the Convention of States Project.  Bill is a resident of SCA and very active in many of our clubs.  Before retiring Bill was a director of data management and computer integrity for many national banks and large corporations. Bill has been most instrumental in growing grass-roots support and recognition for The Convention of States in Southern Nevada. 

SPEAKERS #2:          Clark County Republican Party (CCRP)

                                    Candidates for Chairperson Election – July 18

                                    Jesse Law – Chairperson, CCRP, incumbent

                                    Jill Douglas – President Battle Born Republican Women

The Republican Club is pleased to welcome the two candidates running for Chairperson of the Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) – Jesse Law, incumbent, and Jill Douglas, President of the Battle Born Republican Women of Southern Nevada.  Jesse and Jill were kind enough to present their platforms and address questions. 

Members of CCRP will be able to vote for the next Chairperson at the July 18 Meeting at the Ahern Hotel, 300 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102.  Registration begins at 5:30 PM


The Sun City Republican Club will be dark for our regular meeting in August. 


We wish everyone a wonderful summer hiatus and we will see you again on September 9 at 10 AM for our speaker, Barbara Powers Wyatt, a True American Patriot.     


Veterans Club BBQ Invitation


has Invited Members of the 




Saturday July 1, 2023

5 pm to 8:30 pm

Dress in red, white & blue to celebrate our patriotism

Sun City Anthem Ballroom

2450 Hampton Road

Henderson, NV 89052

Bells BBQ

Ribs, Chicken, and fixings

BYOB, water provided.

The Randy Anderson Band

Playing the songs, we love to remember.

Price is $35 per person

Only 200 seats available

Checks payable to:  Sun City Anthem Community Association Inc.

Memo:  VET’S BBQ

Please place payment, along with your name, address, phone number in an envelope in the Veteran’s Club Mailbox by the Anthem Fitness Center Desk.

Call Bob Bush, 702-379-5974 for more information

FINAL NV Legislative Sessions

Nevada 82nd Legislative Session – Final Summary

From:  Sigal Chattah, RNC National Committeewoman

Date:   June 19, 2023

Hello Friend, 

At last......special sessions are done! I get to write a special dispatch this week as Chairman McDonald has been traveling - this has been a long 129 days between all the sessions, and some thanks are in order. 

First, a thank you to each and every reader who became an advocate this session. Things don't change unless we fight for what we believe in, and if you wrote or called in even once, you became part of a movement bigger than yourself. You became part of the movement to keep Nevada Nevada, fiercely independent with a conservative core. 

Thanks to your efforts, this was the most involved session yet for Nevada Republicans. We had over 113,000 legislative contacts, which went straight to your representatives. Over 4,000 of the folks writing in had never contacted the Nevada Legislature before. And now they're empowered to make their voices heard, not just at the Legislature, but at school boards, city councils, regulatory hearings, and beyond!

Secondly, a huge thank you to our NVGOP Legislative Team, led by RNC National Committeeman Jim DeGraffenreid and our Executive Director Alida Benson. They had a fantastic support team with our Legislative Affairs Director Vida Keller, and our Legislative Champion County Parties - Carson City, Clark County, Washoe County, and Douglas County. Jim and Alida testified on 65 bills, sitting through hearings that ranged from 4 to 15 hours long to make sure Republican voices were heard. These hearings run late into the night, running past midnight. This team handled the late nights and long calls without complaint. We could never get through this session without our support squad - thank you for putting in the long hours so our Nevada Republican readers could see the results!



Tax Increases...Who Supported Them?

You have heard me talk about the property tax hikes that are coming your way, and I want to make sure you have the facts to hold your representatives accountable. 

You may remember four Republicans who voted for AB1 - the property tax increase and $25 million Democrat Culinary Union ballot harvesting giveaway bill. In the Assembly, where this bill would have passed without any Republican votes, Assemblyman O'Neill, DeLong, and Assemblywoman Gallant voted for this tax increase. In the Senate, Senator Hammond became the official face of betrayal and voted with the Democrats to pass this tax increase. I wonder what promises were made to get these votes? 

Less than 24 hours after the session ended, tax hikers are already trying to spin their actions and cover their tracks.....especially when they broke the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Let's get the facts out there.

What does the platform of the NVGOP state? 

"We support those in public office who actively support and work toward lower taxes and fees, and seek to reduce the size, cost, and scope of government at all levels."

So our stance on taxes should not come as a shock to anyone, much less those who swore an oath to uphold the party platform

What is the property tax increase in AB1?

Section 19 details the property tax increase - a brand new tax. In 2019, the Democrats tried to extend a sunsetting tax without a supermajority vote claiming it was just an 'extension' or a 'reauthorization' or a 'continuation' of an existing tax. 

The Nevada Supreme Court slapped that down unanimously

The Republican Senate Caucus brought Legislature of the State of Nevada v. Settlemeyer, which ruled that an 'extension' or a 'reauthorization' of a sunsetting tax is a TAX INCREASE....which is why this bill required a 2/3 vote,  and should have and could have been blocked by unified Republican legislators. So let's just stop with the lies.

If someone tries to give you the word salad of a 'continued tax', they are not telling the truth - and the Nevada Supreme Court says so! Make sure you set the record straight - and ask if they'll be covering your property tax increase. 


Good Bills Signed Into Law

  • AB120 : Allows retired doctors to volunteer their time in rural areas

  • AB154 : Allows private cord blood banking for live births

  • AB350 : Increases transparency on civil asset forfeiture in the state

  • SB441 : Ends COVID restrictions that were codified into law

  • SB292 : Makes school administrators 'at will' employees for first 3 years - would support application to all government employees

  • AB159 : Increases penalties relating to animal cruelty

  • AB158 : Expands the Emergency Medical Services Interstate Compact

  • AB400 : Although all Opportunity Scholarship and school choice provisions were gutted from this bill, funding for Read by Grade 3 with a delayed implementation of 2028 was preserved


Bad Bills Signed into Law

  • SB163 : Requires Nevada to pay for gender transition surgeries through Medicaid - even for minors. Read our opposition here!

  • AB220 : Allows water restrictions on residential properties by unelected bureaucrats even though Nevada is a conservation leader

  • SB131 : Protects sex traffickers who bring their victims to Nevada for the purpose of obtaining an abortion

  • SB172 : Allows STD treatments to minors of any age without parental consent

  • SB153 : Allows men to be housed in women's prisons if they identify as 'transgender'

  • AB175 : Stacks school boards with Democrat appointees

  • AB226 : In state tuition for illegal aliens

  • SB262 : Allows non-citizens to serve on town boards

  • AB7 : Expands government collection of electronic medical records

  • SB155 : Decriminalizes homelessness


VETOED Bad Bills


  • AB144 : Banned the sale of compact fluorescent light bulbs

  • AB298 : Rent Control

  • AB354 : Limits open carry laws in Nevada

  • AB355 : Prohibit gun sales to 18 year olds

  • AB394 : Prohibits counting of ballots multiple times - aimed at Nye County hand count audit

  • SB171 : Prohibits firearm ownership based on nebulous 'hate crimes'

  • SB404 : Allows early counting of ballots with no penalties for leaked information

  • SB210 : Applies social justice warrior diversity requirements to state boards and commissions

  • SB239 : Assisted Suicide

  • SB404 : Allowed early counting of ballots and weakened already poor ID requirements

  • AB235 : Would have expanded prevailing wage requirements

  • SB302 : Makes Nevada a sanctuary state for doctors who do transgender surgeries (including on minors)


Vetoed Bills Overriden by Being Passed Through the A's Public Funding Bill











JULY SCA Performing Arts Event

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The SCA Performing Arts Club would like to make ALL SCA Club Members aware of their upcoming Choraliers show, "Rockin America".  As you can see from the attached flyer, it promises to be a fun and nostalgic event. We would love for you to join us for a good time for only $10/seat. 

Thank you!


Willis Adler 

PAC President 


A Fond Goodbye to Robert Sulliman Jr.



It is with our deepest sympathies to Daryll Ann and the Sulliman Family that we announce the passing of Bob Sulliman on April 30, 2023.  Bob and his lovely wife Daryll Ann recognized an opportunity here in Sun City Anthem to form the Republican Club, in 2006, a place where conservative minded individuals could meet, discuss politics, and share ideas.  Through their creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance the 53-person group has grown into a thriving team of 350 members, with a peak of 500 plus members.  The Sulliman’s have been actively involved in the Club from the beginning, and we will miss Bob’s booming voice, strong ideas, and power of persuasion.   

Born March 17, 1946, in New Britain, CT, Bob graduated from Ferris State University, with a degree in Business.    Bob joined the United States Secret Service, working details for multiple Presidents including Nixon, Carter, Ford, and Reagan.  A true American patriot, Bob maintained his commitment to public service after transitioning from government to Real Estate, running for CT State Senate in 1988 and again in 1990.  Upon relocation, he chartered the SCA Republican Club, serving as President.  He also served as past President of the Nevada Republican Club.  He was a strong supporter of various military and law enforcement organizations.  A man of faith, Bob was a proud member of the Knights of Columbus, serving God as an usher at St. Francis of Assis. 

Those who knew Bob knew he was a devoted family man.  He lived for his and Daryll Ann‘s children and grandchildren, never missing an opportunity to brag about all their accomplishments.  He looked forward to family gatherings where they would talk about life, sports, politics, and law enforcement.  Born into a die-hard Red Sox family, Bob enjoyed watching games and talking stats with his mom, sisters, and kids.   Bob adored his wife Daryll Ann.  Their favorite times together included playing cards and games with family and friends, watching the Women’s UCONN Husky and Las Vegas Aces games, fist bumping each other after every basket.

Bob is survived by his wife and best friend of over 20 years, Daryl Ann, his loyal dog, Gabi, his siblings and their spouses Jeanine and David Goodhue, Carol Babb, George, and Lisa Sulliman, as well as his children and their spouses, Derek, Jen, Brian, Kate, Jason, Jean, and Jessica Sulliman and his grandchildren, Aiden, Chelsea, Lilly, Grace, Chase, Lucas, Joe and Thaddeus. 

The family wishes to extend their gratitude to his compassionate caregivers and medical team. In lieu of flowers, the family asks for donations to be sent in his name to The Foundation Assisting Seniors, 2518 Anthem Village Drive, Henderson, NV 89052 or online at

A Funeral Mass will be held on Friday, June 16, 2023, at 10 AM at St. Francis of Assis, located at 2300 Sunridge Heights Parkway, Henderson, with a Celebration of Life to follow on Saturday, June 17 at 11AM-2PM in the Delaware Room at Sun City Anthem Center, 2450 Hampton Road, Henderson.