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Our sympathies are extended to Kathy and Bill Stieren on the loss of their brother. 

Date:                         March 11, 2023, Meeting

Time:                          10 AM - Noon

Location:                   Morris-Nelson Conference Rooms, Independence Center


1.   Speaker for Today’s Program will be a Professor from UNLV to discuss 

      International Affaires

                                    2.   2022 Scholarship Winners - Mateo Portelli will speak today

a.   We would like to thank Devon Kelman, Julie Daileda and Zoe Dockery 

       for speaking in January and February.

                                    3.  Club By-Law changes

                                    4.  Articles of Interest:  Both Bill Stieren and Donna Sweere are noted authors and 

                                         track political activities.  We are thrilled to have them writing about important 

                                         topics for our Republican Club.  At the request of several 

     members we will distribute these articles at our meetings, as well as publish them 

     through email.   

                                    5.  Political Campaigns

a.   Political Election roles and training – May 13 Workshop for Precinct Captains

b.   Voter Registration - new residents; persons moving away from the area; 

       persons who passed away.

REMINDERS:          A. May 12 Club Dinner Event – 5:30 PM to 9 PM, Hanneman Hall, Anthem Center

                                                a. Speaker – Dan Ball, noted broadcaster from Nevada and California

b.   RSVP and Checks are required by May 1 

1)   Place your check in the Club Mailbox in Anthem Center, or 

2)   Payment may be taken at our March and April meetings. 

3)   Please make the check out to:  Sun City Anthem Community Association

4)   On the Memo Line:  Indicate “Republican Club Dinner”

5)   Be sure Member Name(s) and the Name of any Guests are on the check.

B.  May 12 Program

            1) Charges:  Club members - $65; 

                                  Guest of Club Member - $75; 

                                  VIP Reception following the Dinner - $25

            2) Volunteers will be needed – let a Club Director know if you can help!

            3) There will be a raffle and a silent auction

            4) 1 Raffle Ticket may be purchased for $5, and if your number is selected 

                 you could win a “FREE” ticket to the May Dinner (a $65 value)

5). The Dinner will be a Buffet:  we will do our best to accommodate 

     dietary considerations. 

Important Information on AB 172 and AB 142

Author: Bill Stieren, President

Head: Republican Club 

Word Count: 447

Links: 2



The Republican Club meets on the second Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the Morris/Nelson Room in Independence Center. All residents of Sun City Anthem are invited to attend and will enjoy a friendly welcome.  We proudly embrace all colors, cultures, nationalities and religions. We do more than just talk we have networks of influence in local, city, county, state, and national matters.

2023 Promises an Emphasis on Influence and Action!

Elected Representatives Will Hear Our Voices

Beware the Nevada Legislature is in session. As of this writing there are many bills in play. Here is a couple that may be of interest to you.

AB172 is One, that might interest you. It provides that minors can get certain health services without the parents’ consent or knowledge. You can read the text that is available here” SB172 Text (” Let your voice be heard here” Senate Judiciary (JUD) Overview (

“A minor may give express consent ………………  (for) 
services for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including …………….  the issuance of a prescription for, the dispensing of or the administration of a  contraceptive drug  or device,  without the consent or notification of the parent, parents or legal guardian
of the minor.”

AB142 is Another, enacts “Homeless Persons’ Bill of Rights”. Creates many rights including:

 “Use and move  freely  in or  on  public places,  including,  without limitation, public sidewalks, government buildings, public  parks and public transportation vehicles.”  And

A person experiencing homelessness may bring a civil action in a  court  of competent  jurisdiction  for a  violation  …… of this act to seek any or all of the following relief: 
 1.   Declaratory and injunctive relief. 
 2.   Actual damages. 
 3.   Reasonable attorney’s fees. 
 4.   Any other legal or equitable relief  that  the court  deems 

It has been suggested that “public places” includes any business open to the public. Thus a “homeless” can enter but the business cannot have the “homeless” leave the property. If done an attorney can sue on behalf of the “homeless” and collect $ for the “homeless” and $ fee for him/herself. Check it out SB142 Text ( 

If you are not a member, join. Dues for 2023 are $15 per person. 2023 dues can be paid at any meeting. Dues can also be deposited in our club mailbox slot across from the Anthem Fitness center desk. Make your check payable to “Sun City Anthem Republican Club”. Thanks to all our members for the support that allows the club to participate and have a voice about the issues that are important to all Americans.

Please contact RCSCA President Bill Stieren at or 702-707-9998, for information about RCSCA. Visit our website at for the latest Republican Club information.

The core Republican principles are constitutionally limited government, fiscal discipline, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets and economic freedom, and the preservation of our national military and moral strength.

REMINDER: Feb 11 2023 Member Meeting

Sun City Anthem - Republican Club


Date/Time:   February 11, 2023, Saturday, at 9:30 AM- Noon

Location:      Morris-Nelson Rooms, Independence Center


Michelle Romero, Mayor of the City of Henderson.  Mayor Romero brings 25 years of extensive service to our community, most recently as a member of the Henderson City Council.  Taking on today’s challenges she is bringing proven leadership to growing our city while improving safety and innovative water conservation initiatives.  This includes the new Police Sub-Station at 2222 Via Inspirada.  Recent studies have rated Henderson as one of the safest cities in America.  Mayor Romero indicated that the city’s exceptional water conservation efforts have allowed Henderson to rapidly grow without substantially increasing water consumption. 

Jack Finn, Marketing Consultant to the Nevada Coalition for Medicare.  Jack will discuss the programs and objectives of the Coalition and efforts to protect, develop and improve healthcare for Nevada Seniors.   A long-standing Nevada conservative, he has   consulted for Dean Heller, Joe Lombardo, and many other Nevada Republicans.

Michael Kadenacy, President of Win Red, Reno.  Michael will discuss the many activities of the Win Red Program in Northern Nevada, and how these efforts successfully got Republican Candidates elected in 2022.    He is eager to hear from Southern Nevada Republicans about the needs and support required to expand the Win Red Program.   Michael was previously the Chairperson of the Northern Nevada Republican Party

Sun City Anthem Republican Club Scholarship Winner 

Several newly elected legislators have been invited to our meeting and will talk about the 82nd Legislative Session.





MARCH 11 Meeting – Guest Speaker is Carrie Cox, Henderson City Council

APRIL 8 Meeting – Speaker TBD 

May 12, 2023 – Republican Club Dinner in the Delaware Room, at Anthem Center.  Members and Member Guests only.  Dinner will be $65 per person for Members; $75 per person for Member Guests.  We are very excited to announce that we will have a major broadcaster as our speaker.  Further details will be announced during our February 11 meeting. 



  Trudi Dailey and Donna Sweere will be reaching out to you about an upcoming NEW MEMBER COFFEE. 


MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – There is still time to renew your membership for 2023.  Dues are $15 for the year.   

Bring your check to the FEB Meeting or Place your envelop with your CHECK in it into the REPUBLICAN CLUB Mailbox in Anthem Center.   

All checks should be made out to “Sun City Anthem Community Association”.  On the MEMO LINE indicate “2023 REPUBLICAN CLUB”.


See You ALL on Saturday!



Jan 27.2023 Invite to Conversation with Gov. Lombardo

SCA Republican Club Members:

Mark Your Calendars!

The Nevada Independent (The NV Indy) is holding a meeting with Governor Lombardo.


              Moderator:  Jon Ralston

              Topics:           What are the Governor’s Top Policy Priorities?

                                       How will he get these policies implemented?

                                       What bills is he prepared to veto?


Date/Time:              Friday, January 27 at 5:30 PM – 7 PM

Location:                 Red Rock Casino Resort, 11011 W. Charleston Blvd, 

                                  Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

RSVP is REQUIRED: Enter the following address in your web browser:


Citizen Lobbyist Workshop - January 23 2023

SCA Republican Club Members




This workshop will be presented by Janine Hansen, State President of Nevada Families for Freedom.  The program is jointly sponsored by NevadansCAN, Citizens Action Network and Nevada Families for Freedom.  Come and learn how to influence legislators and decision makers.  

After the Workshop there will be a 1 hour discussion (Rank Choice Voting) on the following topics: Legislative Priorities for the 2023 Nevada 82th Legislative Session; Passage of Ballot Question 3 (Rank Choice Voting); Main-in Ballots & Ballot Harvesting; Educational Freedom & Opportunities.  

Date/Time:              Monday, January 23, 2023;  1-4PM

Location:                 Sahara West Library; 9600 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada

Registration:            Begins at 12:30PM

RSVP REQUIRED:     Contact Mary Rooney,

                                 PH: 702-413-4828

REMINDER_JAN 14 2023 Club Meeting


Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and a

Very Happy and Healthy New Year to ALL!!

REMINDER:        January Member Meeting

Date:                   Saturday, January 14, 2023

Time:                   10 AM – Noon

Location:            Morris Nelson Room, Independence Center

Agenda:              Regrettably Sherriff Kevin McMahill, our January speaker, has had a scheduling conflict and has asked to join us for either our March or April meetings.   We look forward to having the Sherriff join us and provide insight into his new role, issues the community is facing and how we, community residents, can support his innovations to enhance Law and Order in our Valley.   

                             SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS:  Our Club Educational Committee is thrilled to announce the FOUR winners of our 2022 Scholarship Fund.  Each being awarded $1000 Scholarships.  This year we have raised over $4000 for our Scholarship Fund to support conservative students who have repeatedly demonstrated academic excellence and community responsibility.   These individuals will join our meeting, introduce themselves and their community efforts. 

                             INTRODUCING THE NEXT GENERATION:  We have also invited senior leadership from the Young Republicans and Turning Point to explain their programs, political activities, group goals and achievements. 

WEBSITE TUTORIAL:  2023 will bring to the Sun City Anthem Republican Club more proactive events to educate our community and support important issues you, our club members, have identified, through our Survey Program.  We will be using tools from our Club Website to provide timely transfer of information to our membership.  BUT MANY OF YOU HAVE INDICATED YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SIGN-IN AND NAVIGATE OUR SITE.  To remedy this, we will provide a short class on what is found on our site, how to  explore the site and how to sign-on.





Bulletin #1 - The US Constitution

Members – Sun City Anthem Republican Club

We are very pleased to share a new series of articles,

created by our own

Donna Sweere, Director At-Large,

Sun City Anthem Republican Club

Donna is a noted author and editor of major publications for newspapers, internet, and media.  Through this series, Donna will share the history, world and national events, and issues that impact our society and our country.   

We hope you find this information valuable, as well as eye-opening. 

Please enjoy The Bulletin.


Holiday Party RSVPs are Complete

To All Members,

It's great to say we have a full house for the Holiday Party brunch on December 10.  Thanks to all of you who have RSVP'd as requested.  We cannot accept any additional requests at this time.  We are so sorry if you missed it!


Darlene Davis


2022_REMINDER DEC Holiday Brunch

From:  The Sun City Anthem – Republican Club



Join us for brunch

Annual Member Holiday Party


RSVP is required. 

We are close to room capacity, so get your reservations in NOW! 

We cannot guarantee entrance to this event once capacity is reached.

Final deadline for RSVP is December 6, 2022


Event Date:      Saturday, December 10, 2022

Time:              10 AM - Noon

Location:        Morris-Nelson Rooms, Independence Center

Program:        Holiday Brunch & Installation of Officers



at:  1-(818) 324-3230.

NEED APPROVAL_2021 NOV Annual Member Meeting

Sun City Anthem Republican Club Members - 

Below are the minutes for the 2021 Nov 13 Member Meeting.  Please review this information and let me know if there are any objections to Club Approval of these Minutes.  I apologize that this was not presented to you, for your APPROVAL, during our 2022 Nov 12 Meeting earlier this month. It was my oversight. 

I will assume if I do not hear any objections from members by Monday, December 5, 2022 that you have APPROVED these Minutes.  Comments can be sent to me at:  Linda.Rubin.625@Gmail.Com.  

2021 Annual Republican Club Member Meeting - November 13, 2021

The meeting was called to order in the Morris/Nelson Rooms at 10am by President Jackie Carroll. There were 108 members present.

The minutes of the November 6, 2020 meeting that were sent via email to all members were approved by voice vote. Moved by Alan Begun, Second by Alvin Jennings.

The slate of officers for executive board had been emailed to all members. President asked for nominations from the floor. Hearing none, nominations were closed. The slate is:

President: William Stieren

Vice-Pres: Linda Buckardt

                   Sharon McCabe

                   Gaye McDonald

  Secretary: Lyn Rubinson

  Treasurer: Darlene Davis

Each of the vice-president candidates was given 2 minutes to address the membership.

Ballots were given to each member when they signed in.   DC Collins, nominating committee chair, and his ballot collectors collected ballots and counted them. It was announced that the candidate with the highest number of ballots would be elected.

Treasurer Darlene Davis asked for approval of the 2022 Budget that had been emailed to members. It was unanimously approved.

She asked for approval of an expenditure of $2800 for the December holiday party. Approved.

She asked for approval of an expenditure of up to $3000 towards scholarships to be awarded by the end of the year. Approved.

Elections results for vice-president were for Sharon McCabe.

A motion for approval of the election results was approved.

The meeting was closed at this time.

President,  Jackie Carroll

2022 Budget attached.